Kiteboarding at the Olympics?

There will be some sort of board sailing at the 2016 Olympics but no one knows what: board, kite or both. Read about the trials and decision-making on Scuttlebutt at

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Sask Sailing AGM, Jan 30th, 2011


Morning Session and Annual General Meeting
510 Cynthia Street, Saskatoon, SK

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

10:00 AM (Sharp) Boat Repair and Performance Factors

· How to repair hull, decks and foils.

· Water/air tight; does it leak under load?

· Deck bedding and fasteners.

· Work with epoxy, polyester, Sika-flex and 3M 5100, 5200.

· How to fair hulls and blades.

· Issues around hull finish.

· What makes a boat fast.

The mission statement of the Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association is to promote and support the membership clubs in the development of sailing as a recreational pastime and competitive sport.

(Provided to those attending morning session)

“Selected Sailing DVD”


1. 1:00 PM Call to Order

2. Approval of agenda

3. Presentation of SSCA Awards,

– John Merz “SSCA Series Cup”

– Debbie Holgate “Volunteer of the Year”

– Lauri Olenius “Sailor of the Year”

4. Approval of minutes of 2010 AGM **

5. Business arising from 2010 minutes

6. Reports: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Training, Racing, Communication, Staff,

Blackstrap SC, Battlefords SC, LDYC, PASC, Saskatoon SC, SWC, RSC, WOWSC

7. Other items

· Mobile Sailing School

· MAP (Membership Assistance Plan)

· Sport Legacy Program

· 2013 Canada Games

8. 2011 Regatta and Sailing Event Schedule

9. Other business

10. Election of officers

11. Adjournment

** 2010 AGM Minutes are available here

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Short Course Championships, SSC

20 races, hanging breeze on Saturday, hanging breeze for little people on Sunday.

Past Canada Games/Western Canada Games sailors came back for the event and were very fast. Corey Coons, won 6 race including the last 3 to win the event for a 2nd time. Payton Byrns, fresh from his travels in Africa won 5 for 2nd overall. Mickey Pawlyshyn, finished with the Pro Hockey dream, came back in the boat and had 9 top 3’s in day 1 and held on to a top 3 overall.

Top Female, Sydney Byrns, 3 top 3’s. Top Master, LP Gagnon, winner of race 14 and 15, Top Youth, Tanys Byrns, 3rd in race 15.

Other Awards, Steve Shirtliff, winner of the book-end award, 1st in race 2 and a 13 in race 16. Driftwood winner, winner of the last race, Corey.

This event was the last SK Laser ranking event.

SK Laser Ranking, John Merz and Dick Degner scores will be out soon.


Results 2010 SK Short Course

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This post was written by Coach Lammens on September 27, 2010