Sask Short Course Sailing Championships, Redberry Lake

20 races. Redberry Lake.

Ian Hern AB, fresh off of his AB championships, won the SK Short Course championships. Going into the last race Sydney Byrns, SSC and Ian where tied but Ian had one of his stellar starts to win the last race and the regatta. Sydney Byrns 2nd, Payton Byrns, SSC, 3rd. In the Radial Class Tanys Byrns, SSC, 1st, Kristine Coons, Sask Beach, 2nd and Nicolas Otereulo, SSC, 3rd.

In the Youth Division Ilia Rudnitskiy, BSSC 1st, Kendal Ross, PASC, 2nd and Billy Ross, PASC, 3rd. In the Masters Division Ben Pickford, SSC 1st, David Elliot, AB 2nd and Lewis Otereulo 3rd.

Race wins Ian 6, Sydney 5, Payton, Lewis Ilia 2, and Pat Byrns 1.

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This post was written by Coach Lammens on September 14, 2009


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