Rob Woodbury, 1980 Olympic Team Sailor

Many years ago, 30, my sailing instructor/coach Rob Woodbury at the Brockville YC pulled off a major upset and beat Larry Lemieux in the 1980 Olympic trials in the Finn Class. Larry had just finished 3rd at the Gold Cup, the World Championships in the Finn Class.This happened at a time when the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan. Canada and many countries and in this case, National sports teams, boycotted the Olympics in Moscow. Britain’s track team went, sailing team stayed home. The complete USA and Canadian teams stayed home.

Rob never participated at the Olympics.

Larry finished 2nd in the 1984 Finn Trials to Terry Neilson, but won the Star trials in 1984 and won the Finn trials in 1988. I was Terry Neilson training partner at the 1984 LA Olympics. Larry was ranked number 1 in the World leading up to the 1992 Olympics but finished 2nd to my brother, who was 2 time Gold Cup Champion. I was Hank’s training partner/Coach in Barcelona.

…………….Back to this story. Rob Woodbury finally got close to the Olympics through the Olympic Flame, 30 years later. Please see the videos.

Video 1

Video 2

I bought Rob Woodbury’s boat, a Mark II Vanguard, raced it for 5 years, sold it to my brother, and Hank won the World Championships twice in it.


Rob Woodbury

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