A Visual Report from the RSC Committee boat, May Regatta 2010

We had a blast in spite of what the weather threw at us especially on the
last day!

With winds observed to be oscillating 320 Degrees in the space of an hour
and five goes at getting a good start for the competitors, to have completed
three races on the last day with only 2 abandonments was a major feat of
accomplishment. Many thanks to all those who made this possible in the
constant maneuvers of the mark boats and the unswerving perseverance of the
Race Committee PRO.

The list is too long to mention everyone and the parts you played in pulling
off another excellent Regatta. You know who you are. So thanks for the
super effort.

If you go to the link below, I have posted a few pics for all to see. Feel
free to pass on the link to those others who may be interested or
participated, but have not been included in the email distribution.



Paul H.

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This post was written by The Webmaster on May 27, 2010