SK Windsurfing Championships

The weekend went great,  we had solid wind on Saturday, got 6 or 7 races off.  Great parties the rest of the weekend with another great performance by the kiter/windsurfer band.

Here are the results of the races if your interested.

Results of the 2010 Schlog ‘n Slam Provincial Windsurfing Championships

1. Murray Guy
2. Randy Fritz
3. Mark Chandler

1. Shawn Bendig
2. viagra Donbrook
3. Taylor Guy

1. Wendy Lustig
2. Vikki Miller

1. Murray Guy
2. Randy Fritz
3. Randy Goulet

Grand Masters
1. Mark Chandler
2. Ian Stewart
3. Richard Koch

1. Don Waite

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This post was written by Coach Lammens on September 11, 2010