2019 Calendar of Events

SSCA Mobile Sailing School 2018 dates

June 18, 20, 25, 27 BSSC MSS (evenings)
July 1-2 PASC Opti School
July 1-4 PASC MSS
July 9-10 SSC Laser 4.7 youth clinic
July 9-10 SSC Learn to Sail (adult & 14+)
July 11-12 SSC Learn to Race (youth/teen)
July 11-12 SSC Learn to Race (adult)
July 13-14 SSC Opti School
July 15-19 RSC MSS
July 22-26 LDYC MSS
July 29-Aug 2 CLSC MSS
Aug 5-9 Open
Aug 12-16 Open
Aug 19-23 Open


SSCA Club Calendar of Events



April 1 MAP grant application deadline
May 4 BSSC boat set up
May 8 BSSC Opening night, Eb’s Sunset Series (also May 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26)
May 11-12 PASC Work Weekend
May 15 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
May 18 BSSC Icebreaker Spring Short Course
May 18-20 SWR Gnarly Man, Regina Beach
May 22 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
May 25 RSC Opening weekend
May 26 LDYC Icebreaker (May BBQ)
May 19 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
June 1-2 BSSC Mountain Madness
June 5 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
June 12 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
June 14-16 SWR Annual Wind and Water, Tufts Bay
June 15 Sask Sport AGM
June 16 LDYC Sask Keelboat challenge and BBQ
June 19 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
June 22-23 BSSC Wheelchair ‘Just Try It’ weekend
June 26 BSSC Eb’s Sunset Series
June 29-30 SSC Annual Regatta,
Saskatchewan Laser and Radial Championships
July 1 PASC Cruising Day and potluck
July 4-7 Western Canadians, Kelowna, BC + SailWest Training Camp
July 7 LDYC Mildner Cup and BBQ
July 23 LDYC Commodores Breakfast
July 22-23 BSC Battlefords Annual Regatta
July 28 LDYC Commodores Breakfast
Aug 18 LDYC Martini Cup and BBQ
Aug 24-25 SSC Short Course, District 5 Championships, Masters/Youths
Sept 1-2 SWR SK Kiting and Windsurfing Championships, Fox’s Point
Sept 1-2 Alberta Laser and Western Masters, Glenmore YC
Sept 1-2 PASC Regatta, SK Catamaran Championships
Sept 9 LDYC AGM and Dinner
Sept 14-15 BSSC SK Double-handed and Paralympic (2.4 mR)
Sept 15 MAP deadline follow-up and receipts
Oct 1 PASC Pack up and Pot Luck Day