Saskatchewan Laser Masters Champions

Provincial Masters (35 and older)
Champions Olympic Laser Class
Larry Tatchell Memorial Trophy
(In honour of Larry Tatchell, founding member of the Battelfords Sailing Club)

2016 Phil Paxton, CYC
2015 Louis-Pierre Gagnon, BSSC/SSC
2014 Louis-Pierre Gagnon, BSSC/SSC
2013 Ben Pickford, SSC/BSSC
2012 Phil Paxton, CYC
2011 Louis-Pierre Gagnon, BSSC/SSC
2010 Louis-Pierre Gagnon, BSSC/SSC
2009 Ben Pickford, BSSC/SSC
2008 Mark Lammens, SSC/BSSC
2007 Mark Lammens, SSC/BSSC
2006 Ben Pickford, SSC/BSSC
2005 Kevin Coons, RSC
2004 Pat Byrns, BSSC
2003 Barry Tee, AB
2002 Mark Lammens, BSSC/SSC
2001 Barry Tee, AB
2000 Dick Degner, AB
1999 Dick Degner, AB
1998 John Dawson Edwards, AB
1997 Graeme Strathdee, LDYC/BSSC
1996 Dick White, SSC
1995 Brian Grant, SSC
1994 Brian Grant, SSC