SSCA Debbie Holgate Volunteer of the Year

The SSCA Volunteer of the year was established to recognize the outstanding contributions of volunteers of SSCA club members. The award cannot be awarded to either a current SSCA director or employee.

The award criteria are:
1. The contribution can be specific activities by the candidate for a period of years or major contributor to a specific event or program during a particular year.
2. Has shown leadership qualities with respect to the event or activity
3. Must be a current member in good standing of an SSCA club.
4. Through their behaviour and manner sets an example for other members and sailors
5. Demonstrates leadership and sportsmanship and has gained respect of fellow members and sailors.
6. The award cannot be awarded to either a current SSCA director or employee.

Debbie Holgate was the president of the SSCA from 1991-1992 and 1996-1998. She was also on the CYA National Committee representing Saskatchewan as well as the Prairies. She was a champion of fair and equitable sport delivery. She enjoyed sailing from the LDYC with her husband Steve and their family of beautiful dogs. She died unexpectedly at the age of 48. SSCA is honoured to recognize her with the SSCA Volunteer of the Year award.

2013 Randy McMeekin and Michael Yates Hatch Ltd), designed and built the 2.4mR launch system
2012 Patty and Kevin Coons  Canada Games, Race Officers, RSC Executive
2011 Joan Shewchuk, PASC “Western Canadian’s major official, PA/SSCA Executive”
2010 Leigh Campbell, Blackstrap SC “Official, Sponsor, BSSC Exec.”
2009 Mike Ritchie, Battleford’s SC, “Western Canadian’s/Sail West organizer”
2008 Stephen Holgate, LDYC “Past President CYA, SSCA, Sask Sport’
2007 Kimberley Ives “founding member of the WOWSC”
2006 Mark Drozda Regina SC “Canada Games major official/out-going executive”
2005 Volunteers of the Jeux du Canada Games, Regina
2005 Sandy Lauder, Regina SC “Team Leader Canada Games/President of SSCA”
2004 Volunteers of the National Windsurfing Championships
2004 Volunteers of the Pre-Canada Games/Western Canadian Championships
2003 Bob Lidington, BSSC/SSC “Race Officer”
2003 *Harry Sweetman, LMLSC “Club Activities/sailing instructor/Regatta organizer”
2002 Battleford’s SC “Western Canadian/Canadian Championships”
2001 *Bob Gilchrist, Battleford’s SC “Club activities/Regatta organizer”
2001 Barney Kenney, SK Windsurfing Club, “World Ice and Snow Championships”
2000 Mike Heseltine, PASC “Western Canadian Race Officer”
1999 Murray Little, PASC “Western Canadian Summer Games”
1998 *Evert Van Olst PASC * “Supporter of Racing Activities”
1997 Paul Ross, PASC “ Out-going Training Director”
1996 Eb Fass, Blackstrap SC “Founding member of Blackstrap/promoter of Sailing”
1995 Jake Van Smeden, Saskatoon SC “Club Activities/National Jury”
1993 Don Tatchell, Battleford’s SC “Club activities/Regatta organizer”
1993 Dale Denholm, SK Windsurfing Club “National Windsurfing Championships”
1989 *John Merz LDYC * “Canada Summer Games”
* Deceased