SK Provincial Laser Ranking List, Top 3

Scores from the Provincial Championships, Short Course (Fall Provincials), and Mountain Madness. (Scoring is based on the inverse overall score, 1st in 18 boat fleet equals 18 points, plus the score from the other regatta, highest score wins.)

2013 Louis-Pierre Gagnon BSSC/SSC, Ilia Rudnitkiy BSSC/SSC, Lewis Oteruelo BSSC/SSC
2012 Lewis Oteruelo BSSC/SSC, Louis-Pierre Gagnon BSSC/SSC, Payton Byrns, BSSC/SSC
2011 Louis-Pierre Gagnon BSSC/SSC, Ilia Rudnitskiy LDYC/BSSC, B. Pickford,  L. Oteruelo BSSC/SSC
2010 Sydney Byrns BSSC/SSC, Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Ilia Rudnitskiy, LDYC/BSSC
2009 Payton Byrns BSSC/SSC, Lewis Otereulo BSSC/SSC, Ilia Rudnitskiy BSSC/SSC
2008 Payton Byrns BSSC/SSC, Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Paul Lagace LDYC/BSSC
2007 Paul Lagace LDYC/BSSC, Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Corey Coons RSC
2006 Payton Byrns BSSC/SSC, Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Sydney Byrns BSSC/SSC
2005 Corey Coons RSC, Logan Campbell BSSC, Sydney Byrns BSSC/SSC
2004 Corey Coons RSC, Pat Byrns BSSC, Logan Campbell BSSC
2003 Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Lewis Otereulo SSC Reid Graham, BSSC/SSC
2002 Stephen Huszar SSC, Pat Byrns BSSC , Graeme Strathdee LDYC
2001 Stephen Huszar SSC ,Brad Grant SSC, Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC
2000 Ben Pickford BSSC/SSC, Patric Byrns BSSC, Jaime Hogan BSSC