SSCA Sailor of the Year

Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association’s Sailor of the Year is SSCA’s most prestigious award. It is presented annually to a Saskatchewan Sailor who satisfies the following criteria.

  • A record of outstanding achievement in Provincial, National or International competition in the previous 12 months, which has, provided recognition to Saskatchewan Sailing
  • Through their behaviour and manner sets an example for other competitors
  • Demonstrates leadership and sportsmanship and has gained respect of fellow sailors
  • Must be a resident of Saskatchewan and a member of an SSCA club

2013 Joe Gerlinsky (2nd Canada Games, 2nd Sail West)
2012 Logan Campbell, BSSC/SSC (10th Paralympics, 3rd Sail for Gold)
2011 Logan Campbell, BSSC/SSC (13th World Championships/National Team)
2010 Sydney Byrns, BSSC/SSC (1st Sail West)
2009 Kristine Coons, RSC (3rd Western Canadians, perseverance)
2008 Kristine Coons, RSC/Tanys Byrns, BSSC/SSC (2nd Western Canadians)
2007 Sydney Byrns, BSSC/SSC (1st WCSG)Tanys Byrns, BSSC/SSC (2nd WCSG)
2006 Sydney Byrns, BSSC/SSC (1st Nationals/National Youth Team)
2005 Logan Campbell, BSSC (4th Canada Games)
2004 Corey Coons, LMLSC (6th Nationals/National Youth Team), Sydney Byrns, SSC/BSSC (5th Nationals)
2003 Corey Coons, LMLSC (3rd World Youth Team Qualifiers), Sydney Byrns, SSC/BSSC (4th Western Canada Games)
2002 Corey Coons, LMLSC (5th Nationals)
2001 David Grant, Brad Grant, SSC (1st Nationals, 4th Canada Games)
2000 David Grant, Brad Grant, SSC (5th Nationals)
1999 David Grant, Brad Grant, SSC (5th Nationals, 2nd Western Canada Games)
1998 Joan Markentin, SSC (2nd Pre Pan Am Games)
1997 Stefan Lidington Saskatoon SC/ SWC (1st Nationals/3rd Canada Games), Tekla Johnston, SWC (2nd Canada Games)
1996 Steve Huszar, Saskatoon SC/ SWC (1st Nationals, Olympic Trials)
1995 Joan Markentin, SSC (2nd Pre Olympic qualifier/National Senior Team), Stefan Lidington, SSC/SWC (National Team Member, 6th Olympic Trials), Stephen Huszar, SSC/SWC (National Development Team)
1994 Stefan Lidington, SSC/ SWC (1st Nationals/World Youth Team), Steve Huszar, SSC/ SWC (1st Nationals)
1993 Stefan Lidington, SSC/ SWC (1st Nationals/National Youth Team), Joan Erickson, SSC (2nd Nationals/ National Senior Team),Michelle Gumprich, SSC (2nd Nationals)
1992 Stefan Lidington, SSC/ SWC (2nd Nationals), Joan Erickson, SSC (2nd Nationals), Michelle Gumprich, SSC (2nd Nationals)
1991 Cindy Sheppard, BSSC (6th Nationals)