Sask Sailing AGM, Jan 30th, 2011


Morning Session and Annual General Meeting
510 Cynthia Street, Saskatoon, SK

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

10:00 AM (Sharp) Boat Repair and Performance Factors

· How to repair hull, decks and foils.

· Water/air tight; does it leak under load?

· Deck bedding and fasteners.

· Work with epoxy, polyester, Sika-flex and 3M 5100, 5200.

· How to fair hulls and blades.

· Issues around hull finish.

· What makes a boat fast.

The mission statement of the Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association is to promote and support the membership clubs in the development of sailing as a recreational pastime and competitive sport.

(Provided to those attending morning session)

“Selected Sailing DVD”


1. 1:00 PM Call to Order

2. Approval of agenda

3. Presentation of SSCA Awards,

– John Merz “SSCA Series Cup”

– Debbie Holgate “Volunteer of the Year”

– Lauri Olenius “Sailor of the Year”

4. Approval of minutes of 2010 AGM **

5. Business arising from 2010 minutes

6. Reports: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Training, Racing, Communication, Staff,

Blackstrap SC, Battlefords SC, LDYC, PASC, Saskatoon SC, SWC, RSC, WOWSC

7. Other items

· Mobile Sailing School

· MAP (Membership Assistance Plan)

· Sport Legacy Program

· 2013 Canada Games

8. 2011 Regatta and Sailing Event Schedule

9. Other business

10. Election of officers

11. Adjournment

** 2010 AGM Minutes are available here

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